Question on Fedora's RPM of Mailmail and Sendmail

Ben Kamen bkamen at
Sat Feb 2 23:33:41 UTC 2008

Todd Zullinger wrote:
> Now, for sendmail I don't think this same thing applies.  In the test
> I did I added the aliases to /etc/aliases and things worked (once
> SELinux was set to permissive).  I only mention this in case there's
> something different about how you setup the aliases that may jump out
> at you as a potential cause for sendmail running the mailman wrapper
> script with group mailnull.

Yea, maybe it's fixed on FC8.. but it's broke for FC7. I'll see if I can get 
smrsh (which is what calls mailman's wrapper anyway in /etc/smrsh) to run
as a different user without a recompile. I see it as: Sendmail's been put 
together kind of funny and the sendmail-devel package yields nothing useful..

worst come to worst, I'll just recompile sendmail and cross my fingers.

I recently switched my web/email server from AIX to Linux... in the past I
just compiled everything as I needed it since I liked setting all my options

Otherwise, I just wanted to let the potential developer folks out there
something seems amiss. I'd be happy to offer someone to ssh to the box if they 
wanna see for themselves...


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