Viewing a DVD with Totem

Chris Kottaridis chriskot at
Sun Feb 3 04:20:22 UTC 2008

I have Fedora Core 8 installed and am trying to watch a DVD using Totem.
When I select "Play Disc" it complains that I don't have the right

>Totem cannot play this type of media (DVD) because it does not have the
>plugins to be able to read from the disc.
>Please install the necessary plugins and restart Totem to be able to
play this media.

I already went to Fluendo and got the fluendo-megabundle tarball. That
got me to see .wmv files which was nice.

I do seem to have libdvdread installed. But the truth is the message is
rather vague on what I exactly need.

What RPM's do I need to be able to watch DVD's via Totem ?

    Chris Kottaridis    (chriskot at

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