Good bye: Res has a potty-mouth.

Kelly Miller lightsolphoenix at
Sun Feb 3 09:18:46 UTC 2008

Res wrote:
> it does, I've witnessed the "in crowd" do this for years, look what 
> they did recently to Karl, look what did a year ago to a prominent 
> member of this group who left to go to Ubuntu, this group of leopards 
> changes its spots so many times it _is_ actually funny.
You mean ESR?  He switches distros faster than anyone I've ever seen; 
and "what they did" was complain that he turned leaving Fedora for 
Ubuntu into a gigantic Internet flame war for no reason.  And uh, I 
don't know about you, but most people are happy to explain how to do 
something.  However, what most people DON'T like are people who choose 
not to listen and continue to ask the same questions they've already had 
answered.  After a while, people decide they're not going to listen 
anyway and either stop giving advice or ask the person in question to 
stop posting, as it's filling the list with junk posts and making it 
hard for people to find what is worth looking for.

And as for this "in crowd", if it exists I haven't seen it.  As of now 
no one has modded my posts, told me to get lost, or done anything except 
have civilized conversations.  I'm wondering if your perception of this 
"in crowd" thing is caused because you'd rather not face the truth; that 
people don't like your comments because you're always negative, always 
swearing, always All-Capsing, and eventually people get sick of it.

Again, why do you stay here?  I haven't seen anything from you in a year 
and a half except rants about absolutely everything that has been done 
in Fedora.  Is there a reason you stay here to scream about things that 
you and only you seem to have issues with?  Do you believe in the 
screaming crowd axiom or something?  When I had this many issues with a 
distro I was using, I switched to another one.  It really isn't THAT hard...

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