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John Summerfield debian at
Sun Feb 3 13:59:11 UTC 2008

Tim wrote:
> On Fri, 2008-02-01 at 07:45 -0800, Antonio Olivares wrote:
>> The balls to do things is one thing, the politics
>> behind the distros controls what they put in or out. 
> While that may increase the number of young males getting the distro, it
> can also have adverse effects.  There's plenty of places where that sort
> of thing is quite taboo (whether societal, business policy, or any other
> reason), no matter how much the interesting bits may get obscured.
> Causing it to get shunned, or get people in trouble.
> Doing that sort of thing's, very much, a double-edged sword.  There are
> other ways to generate interest in something.

There was quite a heated debate about the composition of the original 
grouping of people, which was mixed (race and gender) and naked.



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