Good bye: Res has a potty-mouth.

Arthur Pemberton pemboa at
Sun Feb 3 16:36:04 UTC 2008

On Feb 3, 2008 3:18 AM, Kelly Miller <lightsolphoenix at> wrote:
> Res wrote:
> > it does, I've witnessed the "in crowd" do this for years, look what
> > they did recently to Karl, look what did a year ago to a prominent
> > member of this group who left to go to Ubuntu, this group of leopards
> > changes its spots so many times it _is_ actually funny.
> You mean ESR?  He switches distros faster than anyone I've ever seen;
> and "what they did" was complain that he turned leaving Fedora for
> Ubuntu into a gigantic Internet flame war for no reason.  And uh, I
> don't know about you, but most people are happy to explain how to do
> something.  However, what most people DON'T like are people who choose
> not to listen and continue to ask the same questions they've already had
> answered.  After a while, people decide they're not going to listen
> anyway and either stop giving advice or ask the person in question to
> stop posting, as it's filling the list with junk posts and making it
> hard for people to find what is worth looking for.
> And as for this "in crowd", if it exists I haven't seen it.  As of now
> no one has modded my posts, told me to get lost, or done anything except
> have civilized conversations.  I'm wondering if your perception of this
> "in crowd" thing is caused because you'd rather not face the truth; that
> people don't like your comments because you're always negative, always
> swearing, always All-Capsing, and eventually people get sick of it.
> Again, why do you stay here?  I haven't seen anything from you in a year
> and a half except rants about absolutely everything that has been done
> in Fedora.  Is there a reason you stay here to scream about things that
> you and only you seem to have issues with?  Do you believe in the
> screaming crowd axiom or something?  When I had this many issues with a
> distro I was using, I switched to another one.  It really isn't THAT hard...

You guys are wasting your time with Res whatever. And you're quoting his emails.

Can we move on? I again humbly suggest that we all just literally
filter him out. Should help with the signal to noise ratio

Fedora 7 : sipping some of that moonshine
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