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Sun Feb 3 18:01:49 UTC 2008

Timothy Murphy wrote:
> Can I run a SATA disk with an ATA controller?
> One of my disks is about to die,
> and I've been looking for a large - say 500GB or larger - disk,
> and all the ones I see seem to be SATA.
> Alternatively, is it reasonably easy
> to find and install a SATA controller in place of an ATA one?
For adapters, take a look at:

I am sure there are others - this was just a quick look.

If you go the SATA controller route, somethingto keep in mind - if 
you plan to boot off the SATA drive, you will need a controller card 
that has its own BIOS. Chances are that your motherboard BIOS will 
not boot from a SATA controller that does not have its own BIOS. You 
can find cheap add-on cards that are not bootable. (SATA, PATA and 
SCSI cards) There are designed for when you need to add a drive, but 
you are not booting from it.


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