Graphics tablets and Fedora 8

Anders Karlsson anders at
Sun Feb 3 22:11:40 UTC 2008

* David Kramer <david at> [20080203 21:38]:
> Anders Karlsson wrote:
>> That is an interesting idea actually, but I'd need to find a lefthand
>> trackball though. Do you have any recommendations on trackballs to
>> use, or where to get hold of them?
> I haven't seen left-handed ones, but I've seen plenty of symmetrical ones.  
> Kensington sells a nice optical one with a ball on top and a button on 
> either side.

Ah, yes - that one. I may try and get that via eBay. What about
keyboards then, "Natural" keyboard or something like Kinesis contoured
keyboard? Would that help as well?


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