Steerable webcam

Timothy Murphy gayleard at
Mon Feb 4 00:37:33 UTC 2008

Amadeus W.M. wrote:

>> Has anyone any recommendation for a steerable webcam for use with
>> Linux/Fedora?

> What's a steerable webcam? I use a pan-tilt-zoom Sony EVI-D30 like this
> one:
> Video goes from the camera into a framegrabber card (e.g. BT-8XX) through
> a Composite or S-Video cable. It works with any v4l/v4l2 application such
> as tvtime, xawtv, zoneminder, even kopete with jasper, etc.
> The pc sends commands (pan, tilt, zoom, grab image, apperture, shutter,
> etc.) to the camera through the serial port. It also comes with motion
> detection built-in, but I never use that. The commands are well
> documented by Sony, so you can write your own drivers if you prefer, but
> there already exist such drivers (search for "visca commands").
> Note that this exact model has been discontinued, and superseeded by
> newer models. I'm sure you can still buy it at a price significantly
> lower than it used to be, but still on the order of a few hundred USD.
> It works very well though.

Thanks, that is what I meant by "steerable".

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