Dr. Dobbs and reading matter (was Re: Difference between IDE and SCSI ??)

Ian Malone ibmalone at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 00:58:41 UTC 2008

Matthew Saltzman wrote:
> On Sat, 2008-02-02 at 18:12 -0800, Les wrote:
>>                                                              I had
>> subscribed to Byte (when it was folded and stapled with no
>> advertisements), and Dr Dobbs Journal when it was still labeled Dr.
>> Dobbs Journal of Computer Calisthenics and Orthodontia, and watched the
>> evolution of many things, including C, PASCAL, ADA and other languages.
>> But the time line I used was from PC World.
> Man, I miss that Dr. Dobbs.  That and C/C++ Users' Journal.  Is there
> any other magazine out there that caters to the "serious" programmer?

It still exists, though I must confess to never having
read it.  I discovered a while back that our library has
a (near?) complete set; it was also available in Borders
a while back, but their specialist journals come and go
(they also used to have the US import Linux Magazine
and another import, possibly Linux Journal).


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