fedora 8 - wireless network card for x86_64

bruce bedouglas at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 4 01:36:40 UTC 2008

that works...

unless you have a system that doesn't have "windows" on it.. and you don't
want to use ndiswrapper...


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bruce wrote:
> hi...
> looking to install fc8 on a dual core x86_64 system. more importantly,
> looking for a nic that i can insert into the pcmia slot and have wifi up
> running in a short time!!
> madwifi apparently has major issues with atheros chipset(s) on 64 bit os.
> any pointers to actual cards that really work, as well as
> instructions/guides will be most appreciated. i've got a handful of nics
> i can't figure out how to even get them to be fired up, so the power
> indicator is on. so, i'm looking for really basic/initial pointers...

The intel cards that are on the Dell latitude works pretty good now with
the b43 drivers. After the last kernel update last week, it works even
better than initially :D

> the base system is an amd dual core laptop... i i can get this up/working
> can get to the actual tasks at hand!!

Worst case the ndiswrapper should allow you to use the pre-packaged
windows driver.

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