F7 now super slow, will it infect Fedora 8?

Doug Purdy 1der at rogers.com
Mon Feb 4 02:57:16 UTC 2008

Since before Dec 25 both my FC2 and my F7 computers have been running
super slow. Both machines also have XT and that ran fine in informal
tests this weekend, that is, XT responded well and exhibited no slowness
or crashes. 

After having 2 Linux boxes go bad at the same time, I'm concerned I'll
just have a repeat experience if I go for a quick fix like install
Fedora 8, or, buy a new Linux box. So if someone knows what I should do
to try to get to the bottom of this I'll would love to give it my best
shot, although, as you probably already know, I don't know very much
about computers.

Thanks for your consideration.


P.S. More description of the problem: 

The FC2 box has seemed fine for the past 24 hours but it has done that
before and then reverted to taking 3 minutes to boot, 30 seconds to
rewrite the screen and so long to close applications that my computers
say the program is not responding. When I return to the computers, they
take very long to respond. On the Fedora 7 box, it is often faster to
press reset and reboot than to wait for the computer to revive.

The F7 symptoms started with 3 crashes from Evolution "Tasks." Some
related bug numbers from Bugzilla are 503705-393157-490755,
509069-510314. The Bugzilla folks suggested I get a stack trace but
before I could use the tracing software I had problems when Evolution
wasn't even running. 

I think one instance was when running Firefox. Another is, 3 more more
mornings, when no application was running all night, in the morning I
have found my home directory open and frozen on screen and so on.

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