Viewing a DVD with Totem

Michael A. Peters mpeters at
Mon Feb 4 07:34:17 UTC 2008

Michael A. Peters wrote:

> I'll try the gstreamer plugins in F8 and see if they work. They worked 
> awhile back (F4 I think), then a gstreamer update broke them, then they 
> worked, then they broke. It was rather frustrating.

The results -

stock totem in F8 w/ all gstreamer plugins:

(doesn't work)

Maybe it would work with the fluendo plugins ??
I should buy them and try - at some point I might. totem-xine w/ all xine-lib packages:

(works nicely)

Interestingly - after removing stock totem and installing totem-xine the 
hal daemon crashed and I had to start it again. That didn't happen to me 
on CentOS (at least not that I noticed).

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