Timothy Murphy gayleard at
Mon Feb 4 14:15:19 UTC 2008

John Summerfield wrote:

>> Can I run a SATA disk with an ATA controller?
>> One of my disks is about to die,
>> and I've been looking for a large - say 500GB or larger - disk,
>> and all the ones I see seem to be SATA.

> I suggest you look a little harder for an old-fashioned ATA drives,
> they're fairly easy to buy around these parts. I can get a 750 Gbyte
> ATA-6 from where I usually shop.

Yes, thanks, that is the way I have decided to go.
I hope the disk lasts long enough to transfer the data ...
Smartd has been saying it will die in the next 24 hours for over a week.

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