An interesting observation

Craig White craigwhite at
Mon Feb 4 15:06:36 UTC 2008

On Mon, 2008-02-04 at 06:56 -0800, Leslie Satenstein wrote:
> Hi,
> For the past 5 years I had the cable modem facing downstream VOIP
> motorola box and that was facing the netgear router (with wireless).
> Since my son moved out, three months ago and took the spare computer,
> I became a one computer owner. 
> I left the router in the loop, as I thought to obtain a second
> computer to replace what I gave away.  
> Yesterday, I bypassed the router, and noted a marked improvement in
> response times.  Is it subjective? Firefox appears to works better,
> with what appears to be faster responses. I also noted that Firefox
> did not lose responses. (I had the problem with the router in place
> that Firefox would hang, waiting for a return response. To get that
> final or missing response, I had to click on the refresh button. Now,
> it does not seem to hang).  
Try disabling ipv6 the next time you insert the router in between. If
you don't have ipv6 DNS resolution, it can slow things up considerably.


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