ssh problem

Gerhard Magnus magnus at
Mon Feb 4 18:00:35 UTC 2008

I'm at my wits end here and don't know what to troubleshoot next....

All my boxes have static IP addresses (192.168.1.xx) behind a router.

PuteA was the last box on my LAN to get FC8 installed. As it doesn't
have a DVD drive I used the Fedora live install for gnome, copied it to
the hard drive, and started installing more software.

>From PuteA, I can access the web and ssh anywhere else on the network.
>From anywhere else on the network, I can ping PuteA (by either its name
or IP address) -- but the command "ssh -l magnusg PuteA -Y" gives the
error message "ssh: connect to host PuteA port 22: Connection refused."

On Pute A, the applet System -> Administration -> Firewall shows "SSH
22/tcp" as a trusted service.

So how do I find out what's blocking port 22 on PuteA?

Thanks for the help!

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