Broadcom 43 & weak signals: F8 vs WinXP

Mike -- EMAIL IGNORED m_d_berger_1900 at
Mon Feb 4 19:01:17 UTC 2008

On Sun, 03 Feb 2008 16:01:36 -0600, Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:

>> Additionally, in F8, if I type specify SSID for the strongest signal,
>> it won't connect at all.  In this case, the SSID consists of several
>> words.  In another case, where the SSID was one word, and the signal
>> was stronger, I could specify it successfully. Is this expected?
> Did you enclose the multi-work SSID in quotes?
>> In the present case, therefore, I do not know to which of several nodes
>> I am connected.  Is there a way to find out?
> You can try running iwconfig and looking at the SSID, channel, and other
> information.
> Mikkel

Thanks for these suggestions.  I have left the hotel in which I
had this problem, so I cannot reproduce it.  I will remember these
lessons for next time.


I am back home, with the same WinXP FC8 dual boot, and now the wifi
doesn't work at all.  I'll give the data in a new thread.


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