Make newly created directories 0775 by default

Cameron Simpson cs at
Mon Feb 4 23:18:28 UTC 2008

On 04Feb2008 18:13, aragonx at <aragonx at> wrote:
| >           Presently when somebody creates a directory, it's 0755. i.e. not
| > writable by the group. I have a file server and would like to change this
| > default property such that when somebody created a directory it's 0775.
| > i.e.
| > writable by the group. For my file server, this is a must as users of the
| > same group need to be able to edit each others folders. Thanks.
| You say file server.  Does that mean you are using Samba?  If so, I
| believe you would want to add a line like this:
| force directory mode = 0770

Or 755, to match the other examples.

| You would want to add this to your smb.conf file (found in /etc/samba on
| my system).  Then you would probably need to restart Samba by doing
| something like this:
| /etc/init.d/smb restart

It's enough to kill the particular smdb serving the client machine, which can
be obtained from the smbstatus command. We tend to prefer this when fixing a
problem for an individual user.

Of course, a restart is the sensible thing to fix a fproblem affecting
all the users.

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