synaptics touchpad driver sensitivity

David Kramer david at
Tue Feb 5 03:34:50 UTC 2008

I have a Dell Latitude D820 running F8, but I have the same problem with 
pretty much every touchpad.  The problem is not how much the cursor 
moves as I move my fingers on the pad.  There's plenty of documentation 
on that.

My problem is that as I type, I sometimes find the cursor flying to a 
completely different region, so if I'm typing an email, all of a sudden 
my typing is going three rows above where I was typing, like the 
pressure of my hands on the laptop case is enough to trigger the 
touchpad.  I would like to change the amount of pressure to be 
considered mouse down.

Looking at the documentation for synaptics, it looks like there's a 
setting called FingerLow and another called FingerHigh which I think 
will adjust the pressure needed.  I didn't want to try it without asking 
first, lets I render X windows unusable.

So will this do what I want?


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