libdvdread - lsdvd errors

Olivier Robert robby57 at
Tue Feb 5 16:57:37 UTC 2008


Thanks for your help guys, appreciated.

Actually, I think I found a work around.
- If I insert a DVD and try to list its table of content, it'll fail.
- If I start xine (installed with extras, and extras-nonfree), and start
playing the DVD, I can list the table of content. And DVD::rip will work
just fine.
It's as if xine triggers something (the use of libdvdcss?)

Anyway, it's working with this trick.


2008/2/5, Joe Smith <jes at>:
> Paulo Cavalcanti wrote:
> > ...
> > If your installation is correct,  beware that there is a new libdvdread
> > from Fedora,
> > which replaced the ones which were being provided by third party repos.
> > Maybe this is the source of your problem ...
> There are also disks on the market with stupid "copy protection"
> nonsense: on-disk structures that break libdvdread--but not hardware
> players, I guess.
> I don't remember if the errors I got were the same as what you quoted,
> but I Googled a part of the error message text and found reports of
> which disks are causing problems.
> Wait a sec... here it is:
> <Joe
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