Difference between IDE and SCSI ??

Mikkel L. Ellertson mikkel at infinity-ltd.com
Tue Feb 5 23:44:53 UTC 2008

Rick Stevens wrote:
> The kernel treats all block-replaceable storage (hard drives, ZIP
> drives, FLASH drives--basically everything except floppies and CD/DVD
> drives) as though they're SCSI (regardless of their physical
> connections).
CD/DVD drive are also treated as SCSI drives. You get /dev/scd0 and 
/dev/sr0 for the first drive, /dev/scd1 and /dev/sr1 for the second, 
etc. This is regardless of them being PATA, SATA, or a SCSI drive. 
SCSI CD/DVD drives have always used /dev/scdx.

> Old kernels separated PATA/IDE drives from SCSI with the "hd" in
> /dev/hd* names meaning "hard disk" (PATA/IDE) and "sd" meaning "scsi
> disk".  With new kernels, you won't see "/dev/hd*" names any longer, so
> it may be easier for you to think of the "sd" in /dev/sdXY device names
> as "storage device" from here on in.
Tape drives are /dev/stx and /dev/nstx - each drive has both 
devices. (SCSI tape and Non-rewinding SCSI Tape)

One thing I have not looked at - are the special CD interfaces still 
handled the same, or are they SCSI devices now? (The ones that 
attach to sound cards, or their own special controller.) I suspect 
they still have their old names, because they were not IDE or SCSI 


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