Fedora 8 installation on a new Mac Pro (Peyron)

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Wed Feb 6 09:21:47 UTC 2008

Hello.  I am doing numerical computations (solid state) and to achieve this end, I have just purchased three of the new eight core Mac Pros from Apple.  I will probably end up purchasing another five machines in the upcoming fiscal year.  I have been running my applications up to this point using open-mpi and the (64 bit) Intel compiler and have been very satisfied with the results.

End of the preamble.  I now have the need to run a commercial application with copy protection (from Accelrys) under a Red Hat system.  I successfully tested the system under Fedora 8 with a VMWare solution and it worked fine.  This was done using the DVD image from the Fedora site. I would thus like to install Fedora 8 natively on a dual boot system.  I had no trouble installing Ubuntu (but the commercial system installation sequence fails and I would rather not beat a dead horse) natively, but upon installing Fedora 8 without incident, the system hangs in the boot sequence with one of two outcomes -- a blinking cursor in the corner or the message no operating system is present.  I have been using Rferit .  I would be even happy to install Fedora on a dedicated disk (the Mac Pro holds up to four SATA drives).  

Questions:  In a nutshell "How can I install a 64 bit Fedora OS on the Mac Pro"?

Will upcoming Fedora 9 (January release I believe) solve the installation problems -- or is there some other hack I can do to solve it?  

Last question:  Can I just buy RHEL for the Mac Pro -- or is this system not supported?

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