Playing DVD interfers with modem?

Mikkel L. Ellertson mikkel at
Wed Feb 6 18:42:30 UTC 2008

Ric Moore wrote:
> Yeah, Digiboards. Expensive for the budget I had. I could get a cast-off
> 486 far cheaper and let it handle 4 modems. Linux used to work decently
> with a 486 and 32 megs of memory, strictly command line. :) Ric

We could not go the multi-machine route for the main BBS. We didn't 
have the right license for the software to network machines, and 
some of the multi-player games didn't work with networked machines, 
if I remember right. (16 user Major BBS license.) I am not sure what 
got the most use - Mutants, Galactic Empire, or chat. I think we had 
14 lines going at one time. We had a total of 18 serial ports. We 
also had SCSI drive, and a SCSI controller with a hardware disk 
buffer. (4 - 1 Mb SIMs.) All on a 486 machine - this was before the 
Pentium and the PCI bus. The funny part was that it ran on top of 
DOS, and would support 16 users without problems.

I played with the Linux version years later, but the BBS was gone by 
then. (I could not get the phone lines at my place, and Bob's wife 
said the BBS had to go...)


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