F8 install slow

David L. Gehrt dlg at inanity.net
Wed Feb 6 20:37:27 UTC 2008

> On Tue, 2008-02-05 at 12:23 +0000, Da Rock wrote:
> > I'm installing F8 on my second laptop (finally getting rid of bloody
> > Windows - sorry for the language but this has truely given me the
> > shits no end! And HP will only talk to you if you have it on the
> > system! They're crazy people - it could be hardware thats the
> > problem but they will insist Windows will fix it with their "magic"
> > software... (you'll have to excuse my ranting but this is really a
> > sore point!)) and the process is really slow to even get to the
> > install - first it stops at running /sbin/loader, then it stops
> > again before anaconda installer.
> > 
> > I had this prob last time, but I thought it might be the disk. This
> > is a completely fresh disk- I only just burnt it. I've run media
> > check and it comes up ok too. It seems to be locked loading modules,
> > and where it slows is on the loop module, and takes hours at the
> > pcmcia module.
> > Any ideas?
> I wish you luck... I ended up scrapping the HP and buying another
> (non-hp) computer.  Seems like the Compaq folks have infected HP's
> design philosophy, which is weird because Compaq failed and HP bought
> them for a song due to the way they treated customers with their
> software and proprietary Windows setups.  I just will NEVER buy or
> recommend an HP ever again.  Fool me once....
> Regards,
> Les H

I had three HP laptops and I have had a couple of good experiences with
HP repair dealing mostly with the flaky power connections on a Z 5000
series laptop.  I also have a network of desk side systems.  A few
months ago one of the desk-side systems became questionable  and after
twenty years of building systems with parts from Fry's and other
Bay area shops I moved to the Central Coast of California with a dearth
of places to buy pieces parts I bought an attractively priced  HP desk
side system.  I  blew away Vista, installed FC 7 called to register my
system and HP refused accept registration because it did not have a
Windoze OS!!

I wanted to get a new lighter laptop so I went shopping and bought, not
an HP, but a Sony.

two weeks ago I received a laptop back from HP repair.  Two key caps had
popped off and I had no success reinstalling them.  I had failures with
Windoze backup, but I had never had a problem with losing data on
previous HP repairs, so I wasn't worried about my data.  I did note the
backup problems, and asked that they not mess with the disks. 

The system is my Photography system and ran XP.  I am waiting for GIMP
to get close enough to Adobe Photoshop.  The system returned with the
system disk "reimaged" -- to fix a couple of key caps!!  They blew away
a whole bunch of expensive photography music and security software.  I
should be able to recover from original media or from the Internet.  I
did spend a week  trying  to recover from the failed backups and
reinstalling XP on  new drives before starting from scratch reinstalling
the missing applications.

The new disks provide an idiotic a sidelight to this fiasco, I had
bought a couple of larger Hitachi disks to replace the OEM Hitachi
drives that came with the laptop I was going to convert the system to a
dual boot F8/XP system, but the HP idiots said they would not repair the
keyboard unless the OEM disks were left in the system.

Surprise, surprise -- I am also done with HP, and I will tell all comers
that they are better off with about anybody else's systems.

Grimly yours,


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