mode problem with k3b?

Todd Zullinger tmz at
Wed Feb 6 22:13:28 UTC 2008

Mike -- EMAIL IGNORED wrote:
> On a FC7 box, I have some files, all with permissions 0400.
> Using k3b, I burned an iso9660 CD.  Now I:
>   mount -t iso9660 -o mode=0400 /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom
>   ls -l /mnt/cdrom/*
> All files have permission 0444.

In K3b there is a setting to preserve file permissions.  I see it via
the burn options, on the Filesystem tab, in the Filesystem area,
clicking the Custom button.  Perhaps that's what you need to check off
to get the desired result?

Looking at the mount manpage, it says this about the mode option for
iso9660 filesystems:

        For non-Rock Ridge volumes, give all files the indicated mode.
        (Default: read permission for everybody.)  Since Linux 2.1.37
        one no longer needs to specify the mode in decimal. (Octal is
        indicated by a leading 0.)

You may well have the Rock Ridge extensions enabled on the filesystem,
causing mount to ignore the mode option you passed to mount.

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