[Bulk] Re: F7 now super slow, will it infect Fedora 8?

Doug Purdy 1der at rogers.com
Thu Feb 7 04:41:58 UTC 2008

Le mer 06/02/2008 à 15:11, Paul Johnson a écrit :
> On Feb 5, 2008 5:12 AM, Tim <ignored_mailbox at yahoo.com.au> wrote:
> > On Mon, 2008-02-04 at 17:48 -0800, Rick Stevens wrote:
> > > turn the damned thing off and send a nasty letter to Samsung!
> >
> Note in the top output that you are using a lot of SWAP memory.  It is
> not the Samsung program per se that is making your computer run badly.
>  Any huge thing absorbing all RAM would do the same, I expect.
> I find our systems always run very slowly when they start to use any
> SWAP space at all. Perhaps that samsung program it is not always going
> to be so huge. It may be dying now, trying to do some big job, or it
> is unstable.  I'd "kill 2905"  it and see if it stays smaller next
> time it starts.
> Can you feed back to let us know if the computer gets faster after
> that thing is gone?  As long as your SWAP memory use is 0, the system
> should be fine.  If it is not, then we need to think about other
> misconfigurations that are possible.

The Samsung smartpanel program starts small but adds 10 meg of memory
usage every minute. Both computers are slowed, little at first, but when
all memory is consumed, they for all intents and purposes stop. If I
wait long enough for them to revive, even mouse and possibly keyboard
action can be sporadic. Strangely, if I use an application without
stopping, then that part continues to run, just don't pick a menu option
or change applications.

The computers recover instantly when I stop the Samsung smartpanel
program. The problems begin to build again the second I start smartpanel
again. Starting and stopping smartpanel is easy as the Samsung install
programs add menu choices for that purpose.

The Samsung Smart Panel program (smartpanel) "allows you to monitor the
machine's status and alerts you when an error occurs during printing."
The printer works fine without Smart Panel so when I want to see
cartridge usage, troubleshooting guide, etc then I can run smartpanel
and then shut it again to keep my computer running.

Now that we've found the bug with help from this list, once you know
about the bug in smartpanel, it is an easy problem to handle.

Samsung's software has some other problems. Since the printer has been
installed XSane complains threateningly about being run as root, even if
I try to use another printer/scanner. It causes concern as it is
possible that XSane is right.

There is a small problem printing messages from Evolution 2.10.3 in
Fedora 7 in that only the body of the message is printed. To print the
entire message with To: From: Subject: then I have to first print to a
.pdf file and then print that. From Evolution 1.4.6 in Fedora Core 2 the
address fields are displayed on screen in a gray shaded box but when
printed (no need for .pdf) the shading is pinkish gray so it is using
red toner unnecessarily.

I reported these problems to Samsung today. They have said they will put
a FAQ on their board about the .pdf work around. I don't know what they
will do about the other problems.

We have used the printer for the past 2 months mostly on 2 Linux Fedora
computers, to a lesser extent on 3 XP machines but have not yet
installed it on another XP, our Vista or Macs. Aside from the above
software problems we are quite happy with this printer. 


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