Andrea Bencini andrea.bencini at
Thu Feb 7 14:08:15 UTC 2008

> Can you check the file /var/log/maillog and identify the
> difference between a shutdown and a service stop ?

I tried a service stop and in maillog I have:

Feb  7 14:00:13 pptt postfix/postfix-script[2997]: stopping the Postfix mail 
Feb  7 14:00:13 pptt postfix/master[2974]: terminating on signal 15

but when I shutdown the system I don't have anything in maillog about 
postfix stop.

Messages during shutdown are:

Start Killall:
Stop amavisd: OK
Stop clamd.amavisd: OK
Stop dovecot Imap: OK
Stop postfix: FAILED
Stop spamd: OK
Sendig all processes the TERM signal


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