Xlib: extension "SHAPE" missing on display ":0.0".

Chris Rouch chris.rouch at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 16:59:31 UTC 2008

On 2/2/08, Jelena i Zoran <mr.macos at earthlink.net> wrote:
> I just upgraded FC8 and when I try to star xine I get the message
>  Xlib:  extension "SHAPE" missing on display ":0.0".
>  the screen turns black and I get logged out.
>  Any suggestions on what is going on and how to fix it?

I had this when I added vnc to my X11 configuration, using the fglrx
driver. The fix I found was to explicitly add

        Load  "extmod"

to the Module section of xorg.conf. It seems that if any modules are
specified explicitly, then they all have to be. extmod is the one with
SHAPE in it.



>  Thanks in advance,
>  Zoran
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