Terry - Fedora Core fastsnip-fedora at
Thu Feb 7 22:51:36 UTC 2008

As I reported on another thread, SELinux has caused me trouble and 
blocked access to my hard disks.

To solve the problem, I set SELinux to "permissive" mode. Am I positive 
that SELinux caused the problem of not being able access the hard disks. 
No. But then when I set SELinux to permissive mode the problem 
disappeared. Not proof, but very strong evidence.

My question:

Should I enable SELinux again?

What do I gain if I do?

Will the gain be greater than the loss of accessing my computer hard disks?

And if I do, how do I try to prevent it from locking me out of the hard 
disks again?

How do I determine what caused SELinux to block access, how much trouble 
is it to change SELinux to prevent it from doing that again?

Your insights are appreciated.


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