fc8 how to stop gui pop-up notifications of available updates??

Gabriel M. Elder eldergabriel at sbcglobal.net
Thu Feb 7 23:09:36 UTC 2008

I haven't seen any other replies, so here goes...

Two things come to mind offhand: yum-updatesd and /usr/bin/puplet.

Puplet, by default, is listed as "Software Update Notifier", one of the
Startup Programs in System -> Preferences -> Personal -> Sessions in
gnome. The puplet gui update notification shows up on my gnome desktop
in the notification area applet, on the panel. I'm not sure how that's
integrated into kde, but apparently it, or a comparable app, is, in some
way, shape or form.

Puplet is probably the "culprit" in question, but I mentioned
yum-updatesd since it communicates update notification to puplet via
dbus (I think?). And based on what you've said, you may want to disable
that system service as well as the session startup item.

Or, if it's nagging you about updates, you could just install the
updates :p. Unless, of course, something is broken, and it keeps nagging
you to install the update, even after you install it. But something like
that could _never_ happen, right? ;p

- gabriel

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Subject: fc8 how to stop gui pop-up notifications of available updates??
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Any suggestions on what I can do to stop this notification??????

Kernel =

When I installed it from the dvd on my multi-boot laptop I selected kde
and unselected gnome as well as any other desktops. Yet certain services
seem to insist on using gnome daemons. (for example I can't use the
keyboard shortcut screen in the kde control center to assign my chosen
shortcuts. But must use the mouse centric control in:
<alt>+<f1> > system > preferences > personal > keyboard shortcuts)
So I'm not sure if I need a kde solution or a gnome one.

In any case any/all updates on this system are done from a run level 3
virtual console using yum at a root command prompt. My normal user
account isn't supposed to be able to update any system software so why
automatically bug me with the notification every time I run startx?

The notification seams to be emanating from a system tray mini-icon
that to me looks like an open brown paper bag with the top slightly
rolled down like a cuff??? there is nothing to identify what service I
need to disable to stop it from coming back. Nor of course what else
would break if the service in question wasn't running...

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