total frustration with sound in Fedora 8

Danny Yee danny at
Fri Feb 8 22:52:45 UTC 2008

I wrote:
> > * I can't use totem or rhythmbox as they crash, killing firefox and
> >   starting gnome-screensaver (and eventually killing by X session)
> >   [I'm not using gnome or kde]
Rex Dieter asked:
> What DE are you using?  In particular, which LOGINMANAGER?  (gdm, kdm,
> other?).  the login manager is what grants your session rights to session,
> devices (audio!), etc...

I'm not using a DE at all, I'm running 9wm, which is probably the
smallest window manager that exists.  But I am going to run level 5,
and looking at /etc/X11/prefdm, I think I'm defaulting to gdm as the
login manager.

My suspicion is that the audio daemons started by gdm are dying
silently, hence the "now it works now it doesn't" symptoms.


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