Impressions so far with FC 8 and Kubuntu Gutsy

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Fri Feb 8 23:33:02 UTC 2008

On 08/02/2008, Terry - Fedora Core <fastsnip-fedora at> wrote:

While I feel that Fedora is my "home" distro, on my everyday work
lappy I've been using Ubuntu 7.04 for over six months now. I found
that Fedora was a bit too unstable (things breaking after updates),
and that updates were large and common. For that reason and the codecs
issue, whenever I erase someone's XP I install Ubuntu (and I refuse to
install dual boot systems). In Ubuntu one can OK OK OK his way to a
playing MP3, a streaming video, or a Java install.

That said, Ubuntu feels like a toy OS. Apt-get does not tell what
versions it's installing, and the whole system reeks of
idiot-proofness. And that's with KDE! The online forum and mailing
list is more for MS bashing than problem solving. While I think that
there is a need for that type of distro, I'm sometimes a bit embarased
that I'm using it. So I always keep Fedora on at least one machine,
like a summer house that I know is waiting for me. Even if I don't get
there every day.

Dotan Cohen

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