upgrade question

Peter Horst phorst at speakeasy.net
Sat Feb 9 02:43:50 UTC 2008

Michael A. Peters wrote:
> Peter Horst wrote:
> > I'm looking for opinions/feedback: I've got a CLI-only fc5 machine 
> > sitting here. [snip]
> Backup your data and install CentOS - it has a much longer support span, 
> and being cli only - you don't need the fancy graphical apps of a Fedora 
> release.
> Install CentOS 5.1 and you can leave it alone for a very long time, it 
> will take care of updates for years.
> Given that you only want cli stuff - unless you are on dialup I'd 
> recommend just downloading the CentOS 5.1 boot.iso and do a http 
> install, so you don't have to download several gigs worth of bits on a 
> DVD iso that you'll never use.
> If you are on dialup, find someone nice to send you the DVD (or CD set).

Great, thanks you guys. Dumb question: this would be a destructive 
"upgrade," right - meaning I would have to dump my data somewhere 
temporarily, install CentOS, and then re-import my data into a brand new 
filesystem/partition?  Sorry, this is probably super-basic...

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