Tomcat Doesn't Seem To Start In Fedora 8 [SOLVED]

Robert L Cochran cochranb at
Sat Feb 9 03:53:54 UTC 2008

Alexander Dalloz wrote:
> Robert L Cochran schrieb:
>> I posted more content to the bug: to answer to your questions, no tomcat
>> processes are running. The result of netstat is
>> [root at deafeng3 tomcat5]# netstat -an | grep '8080'
>> tcp        0      0 :::8080                    
>> :::*                        LISTEN
>> If I understand the above correctly, something is indeed listening on
>> port 8080...but what? That looks like an IPv6 type listener, but I
>> don't know IPv6 well. I also grepped on '80' to list processes
>> running on any 80xx port. See the bug report.
>> Any suggestions? Clearly, I started some process that is interfering
>> with tomcat5.
>> Bob
> lsof -i :8080
> netstat -talpen | grep ':8080'
> This will provide you with PIDs, process names and owners.
> Alexander
This helped solve the issue. Jetty was running on port 8080. Why?
Because I had installed the eclipse-platform package, and it has a
dependency on jetty. Unfortunately, both tomcat5 and jetty listen on the
same ports by default. Jetty will start up before tomcat5 does so it
guarantees tomcat5 will break. I was advised to uncomment the
CONNECTOR_PORT line in  /etc/tomcat5/tomcat5.conf and change that to a
different port number. I did so and selected port 8081. Restarted
tomcat5, but the splash screen I was expecting on http://localhost:8081/
didn't show up. (Yes I have the tomcat5-webapps package installed.) Then
I changed the Connector port in /etc/tomcat5/server.xml from 8080 to
8081, restarted tomcat5, visited http://localhost:8081/ and saw the
splash screen at last. Details are in bug 431808:


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