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On 08Feb2008 11:16, Mark C. Allman <mcallman at> wrote:
| If a wireless network connection needs to use wpa_supplicant, then
| wpa_supplicant obviously must be started before network.  Since
| wpa_supplicant depends on messagebus, that service then needs to be
| started before wpa_supplicant.  This isn't the order in which they
| start, which if I remember correctly is:
|     S10network
|     S27messagebus
|     S28wpa_supplicant
| I've renamed the links to:
|     S08messagebus 
|     S09wpa_supplicant
|     S10network
| and everything works just fine.  However, often times when packages are
| updated ("yum update") the link names revert to the defaults, and I'm
| forced to go back and fix the names again.
| Is there a reason for this order?  Do others rearrange the service start
| order?  Does anyone else use wpa_supplicant with the default service
| start order without problems (I can't see how)?

The /etc/rc2.d (and 3, 4 etc) service files are numbered symlinks to
masters in /etc/init.d/. These are maintained by the chkconfig command
from comments at the start of each init script. You need to hack the
comment lines to stop chkconfig from rearranging stuff out from under

BTW, if you modify the comments then RPM updates will probably not
update the init script, but make a .rpmnew file beside it; you should
diff them to ensure the new init script differs only in the comments
you have changed. Otherwise, move yours sideways, move the .rpmnew file
in, update the comment again.
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