bootchart confuses me more...

Tom Horsley tom.horsley at
Sat Feb 9 11:56:03 UTC 2008

On Fri, 08 Feb 2008 19:51:20 -0800
Konstantin Svist <fry.kun at> wrote:

> * ifup-eth (network card acquiring info from DHCP)

Actually, that is mysterious too, I've got it defined to
be a static IP (this is the system which runs dhcp for my
other computers to use, but is static itself :-).

> * ntpdate (time sync with network)

I have bind setup to be a DNS cache and server for my local
network, I wonder if there is something going on there
(I should make sure bind starts before ntp :-).

> * S99local/sleep (not sure what that is)

That's on me: I have an actual sleep command in my rc.local
after I modprobe my lirc usb IR device since I noticed
the /dev/lirc didn't appear right away, but took a few
seconds. I suppose I could background that whole thing -
I certainly don't need lirc working instantly after the boot.

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