how would you backup 1TB of data to dvds?

Valent Turkovic valent.turkovic at
Sat Feb 9 21:34:55 UTC 2008

Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> On Sat, 9 Feb 2008, Jacques B. wrote:
>> 2008/2/9 Sam Varshavchik <mrsam at>:
>>> Valent Turkovic writes:
>>>> How would you backup 1TB of data in a server with 4x 250GB drives all
>>>> mounted as separate mount points to a set of dvds using tools
>>>> available in fedora, centos or rhel?
>>> One terabyte divided by 8 gigabytes per double-layer DVD comes out to 125
>>> DVDs per backup.
>>> Are you out of your freaking mind?
>> If a dual layer takes 10 minutes to burn (just a guess, don't own
>> one) including time to prep the next one, it would take you 1250
>> minutes, or just over 20 hours of continuous burning.  That doesn't
>> factor in the time to chunk up your drive accordingly.  So you'd
>> have to be offline for at least 2 days.  Your dual layers would cost
>> you about $125.  A 1TB external drive starts at around $300.  Is it
>> worth all that time & effort to try and save $175?
> also, do you really need to back up all 1TB?  i guess if it really is
> pure "data", then, yes.
> rday

Ok, the server is 1TB but actually only 50GB of personal pictures need 
to be backed up. And I need a solution that burns to multiple dvds.

No tapes and no hard drives.


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