argh -- can't get wireless in someone else's house

Timothy Murphy gayleard at
Sat Feb 9 23:21:31 UTC 2008

inforainbow at wrote:

>>> Newer Linux doesn't mean better but worst for older
>>> machines.
>> This would be more informative if you said what computer
>> you are using.
> My machine is made in 2001 and refurbished in 2003 due to
> the MOBO and PROCESSOR burning as follow
> Mobo Gigabyte
> Processor Athlon64 +3400 2,2GHz
> Hard disk 2x Pata Maxtor 80GB
> Video Card ATI Radeon 9550
> Memory 2x 512MB DDR PC400
> Monitor MEDION MD9615 AF LCD 15"
> Wireless PCI adapter D-Link DWL-G520+ (Chipset TI ACX111)

I don't think that is a very ancient machine.
As a matter of interest, I am at this moment
installing Windows XP and Linux/Fedora on a new disk
(SMARTD has been warning me for several days
that the old disk is about to die)
on a very similar AMD Athlon64 3200 processor.

This has an "ATI All-in-Wonder 9600 XT" video card,
and I've had no problems with the graphics.

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