how would you backup 1TB of data to dvds?

Frank Cox theatre at
Sun Feb 10 00:39:28 UTC 2008

On Sat, 09 Feb 2008 19:34:21 -0500
Lamar Owen <lowen at> wrote:

> Really people, why not try answering people's questions?

You just did.

>   It appears that scdbackup is the tool of choice for this sort of 
> thing.  If he had wanted to know about or have a discussion about backup best 
> practices, he would have asked that question instead.

Sometimes bringing up things like that will elicit an "I never thought of that"
or "That's a better way than what I was thinking of" response.

If I asked  what the best way was to pound nails with my screwdriver and the
answers I got tended toward "you should use a hammer for that", I would start
taking a serious look at hammers.  Perhaps I could even find one for a cheaper
price than I would have to pay to replace my screwdriver....

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