how would you backup 1TB of data to dvds?

Craig White craigwhite at
Sun Feb 10 01:47:40 UTC 2008

On Sat, 2008-02-09 at 19:36 -0600, Dennis Gilmore wrote:
> On Saturday 09 February 2008, Craig White wrote:
> > ----
> > see above...and I'm not familiar with scdbackup but I am familiar with
> > bacula, which is why I recommended it. I also note that the Cubs will
> > win the World Series before I ever attempt to backup 1 Tb of data onto
> > DVD's
> so your getting ready to do that this year :)
perhaps I wasn't clear...the Chicago Cubs in the World Series.

Twice I have seen them 1 game and even just a few outs away from getting
there...but you gotta love February, hope springs eternal.

BTW, I'm originally a south sider which means that my 2 favorite teams
have always been the White Sox and whatever team is playing the Cubs


No - not planning on doing monster DVD backup and don't envision Lou
clearing the path.


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