how would you backup 1TB of data to dvds?

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> For more critical stuff... well, actually, I've been there and done that for a 
> radio station's entire audio library, but it was to CD and it took almost 400 
> of them to hold the roughly 250GB of audio (650MB archival quality CD's, 
> stored in a media safe).  This was done over a long period of time (my 
> recollection is nine months or so), and was done by the board ops during 30 
> minute broadcasts during their airshifts.  And this was on Windows, so it's 
> OT for this list.  

Coincidentally, I deal with a FM radio station that's run on an Indian reserve
near here, though I don't actually do computer stuff for them other than hosting
their web page and email.  (It's a very good radio station -- the only one that
I listen to, and it's the only native-owned and -operated radio station in the
province, or so I've been told.)

They recently purchased the exact same fileserver that I have, to put their
music library on.

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