Sound output across the network possibility

John Aldrich john at
Sun Feb 10 17:43:17 UTC 2008

On Sunday 10 February 2008, Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
> John Aldrich wrote:
> > On Sunday 10 February 2008, Stewart Williams wrote:
> >> They are right next to each other, however the mic on my headset plugs
> >> into the mic jack :-(
> >
> > Easy enough to fix... get a 2>1 1/8" adapter. :-) Go down to Radio Shack
> > (I know... they're kind of expensive, but they're convenient and about
> > the only place you can *easily* find this sort of stuff) and explain what
> > you're trying to do. They'll probably have the the correct "splitter" in
> > stock and will be able to put it in your hands for $10 or less, including
> > the cable to go from PC A to PC B. :-)
> This is a bad idea. Between the input source level differences, and
> the probability that you will try to drive the microphone as a
> speaker, you will not be happy with the results. Also, the Mic input
> is probably a mono input.
Good point. My bad. I did mean the line input. I haven't had to do this in 
awhile as both my Windows machine and my Fedora machine have speakers. :-)

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