Service start order question

Ian Chapman packages at
Sun Feb 10 19:30:41 UTC 2008

Mark C. Allman wrote:

> If network tries to bring up a wireless connection that uses
> wpa_supplicant, it will fail.  I'm asking if anyone ever somehow managed
> to being up a wireless connection that uses wpa_supplicant when network
> starts but before wpa_supplicant is started.  I can't see how, but just
> because I can't doesn't mean it's a bug.  If nobody can then perhaps
> it's time for a Bugzilla report.  I'm just trying to be thorough.

Well FWIW I can't. I just recently upgraded my laptop from F7 to F8 and 
my wireless connection needs WPA2 via wpa_supplicant but I also use 
automounter and ldap. Automounter gets started in between the network 
and wpa_supplicant which means it always fails. This worked fine on F7 
which makes me think that the boot order was changed. Additionally if I 
ever need to restart the network, i also need to restart wpa_supplicant. 
Ok I can understand that but restarting wpa_supplicant empties the 
routing tables for some bizarre reason.

Ian Chapman.

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