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Renich Bon Ciric renich at
Sun Feb 10 22:12:16 UTC 2008

On Sun, 2008-02-10 at 10:23 -0700, Reid Rivenburgh wrote:
> 2008/2/10 Renich Bon Ciric <renich at>:
> > Hello, Fedorians!
> >
> > I saw a topic called "Radio streaming" and I couldn't help to ask
> > myself: "How would one set up a streaming server on fedora?"
> >
> > So, How would it be? OGG, AFAIK, can't be streamed, can it? What other
> > formats are there? Any particular server/app in mind?
> I use gnump3d <>, though I'm sure
> there are other options that work fine.  And I think there's no
> problem streaming OGGs...

This is a great app! Too bad that the developer announced that further
code is "... extremely unlikely.".

Anyway, thanks for the contribution. Any up-to-date, bleeding-edge app
around? This is very interesting. Maybe something that is p2p or
something... haha... one never knows!

> reid
Renich Bon Ciric <renich at>
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