how would you backup 1TB of data to dvds?

Les Mikesell lesmikesell at
Sun Feb 10 22:31:34 UTC 2008

Jacques B. wrote:
>> I use dar to make archive slices of my data and then use the attached
>> script to burn and verify each slice to a DVD. The script also creates a
>> catalog file (that you can reference for future backups/restores), a parity
>> file for each slice and verifies the burn. I use cron to run this on a
>> daily basis and e-mail myself when it fails (so I can change the DVD and
>> the reference point to use the latest dar catalog file). This works well as
>> long as your daily backups will fit on one DVD or less.
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> You criticized others for their solutions, yet yours also does not
> address his needs.  You said "This works well as long as your daily
> backups will fit on one DVD or less."  At first he was talking 1 TB,
> so definitely not 1 DVD.  He then dropped to 50 GB, still a far, far
> cry from one DVD (unless blue ray), and said it would be monthly.

50 GB monthly would translate to less than 1 DVD daily.

 > He
> later clarified it was for his home server, and "I don't need
> incremental (I guess that is harder to do on multiple dvd mediums),
> just a full backup to dvds. I have personal images and video files I
> need to backup.".  After all this you fault those who suggested a more
> practical solution (can't think of any situation where backing up 50
> gigs to DVD would be the most practical solution) and turn around and
> suggest one that by your own admission is only practical if backing up
> one DVD per instance (week, month, whatever) when clearly the OP's
> requirements far exceed that.

I think dar offers to split the backup to media-sized chunks and wait 
while one is written before generating the next, so it would be usable 
(in some sense of the word) for multi-dvd output.  But if the specific 
problem is keeping up with photos or other pre-compressed media files 
being generated regularly you might as well just keep track of the 
timestamp of the last run and drag the new ones into k3b or similar 
program that writes data dvds.

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