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Joe W. Byers a écrit :
| I could use some advice.
| I now have 3 linux computers running on my home network (EL5 (server),
| Fedora 6(ancient PC as a workstation), and Fedora 8(laptop).  I want to
| set it us so that my family has only one login for each machine and all
| information is stored on the server.  I am not a admin.  I have read
| many documents, lists, and other information on this.  I read on SAMBA,
| LDAP, NFS, kerbosis and more.  I have myself very confused on what to
| do.  I tried SAMBA, which works for sharing, but not for user
| management.  LDAP and kerbosis I am just confused.
| I could your advice or a HOW-TO set this up and get it working.  The
| laptop will need a local user as well outside the home network.

You have two possibilities:

1- use ltsp, as suggested in another mail. In that case your clients
will be considered as diskless and they must have a bios which accept
PXE boot.

2- use automount (ie. nfs) with nis

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