Sharing printers between Fedora machines

Phil Meyer pmeyer at
Mon Feb 11 17:19:42 UTC 2008

Sean Bruno wrote:
> While I thought this was a simple task, it seems that I am clueless.
> I attempted to share my desktop printer for other PC's in the house and
> I can't seem to figure out how to attach to the printers.  It doesn't
> seem clear from system-config-printer what I am supposed to do and my
> google for "fedora printer share how to" didn't really give me anything
> useful.#
> Am I missing something obvious that is supposed to make sharing between
> Fedora machines painless?
> Sean

Although printer sharing is automatic, installation and startup of the 
samba services are not.

as root:

# yum install samba

# chkconfig smb on

# service smb start

That should do it.

Test with:

smbclient -L localhost

(blank password)

should list all publicly available shares and printers.

Now run it from a client:

smbclient -L <server>

Should give you the same list

On server and client, printer definitions on F8 are automatic.  The 
clients on your network will 'see' the available printers and list them 
on an print menu.

Good luck!

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