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Thomas Cameron thomas.cameron at
Tue Feb 12 05:19:22 UTC 2008

Ed Greshko wrote:
> Thomas Cameron wrote:
>> Mikkel L. Ellertson pointed out a stupid typo in my script that was 
>> screwing up my numbers pretty badly.  Many thanks.
>> It's been fixed, and the posting statistics are much more accurate. 
>> Please see for the 
>> current month's output.
>> If this is useful and correct, I will set up a cron job which mails 
>> this info to the list once a {day|week|month}, whatever y'all think is 
>> appropriate.  I will pull it down from the web site unless folks think 
>> it's a good thing to have there.
> FWIW, I don't see how useful it is.  I can see some cases where people 
> will use it to "attack" someone for hogging the list.  And I can see 
> cases where people decide they need to be #1 and will post accordingly.  
> Can anyone tell me the usefulness of it?  I can go to the archives and 
> list by author to see what people post the most.  What is the goal?

Someone used to do list stats every month.  I found it more interesting 
than really "useful."  I missed it, asked about it, and Rahul suggested 
I do it.  Just trying to do something which people might appreciate.

It's not really anything that will change the list or how it works, I 
just thought it might be fun.

And it was a good excuse to brush the cobwebs off of my scripting 
skills.  There were a lot of cobwebs.  :-(

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