wpa encryption of wireless network how to?

Jan Brosius jan.brosius at skynet.be
Tue Feb 12 22:08:12 UTC 2008

Todd Zullinger wrote:
>> I have the impression that it is impossible to use the gnome gui to
>> encrypt this wireless connection.
> That's not the case at all.  NetworkManager can establish connections
> to a number of different wireless encryption setups.  First, you need
> to configure your access point/router to encrypt the wireless network.
> Then you can use the NetworkManager applet in Gnome (up by the clock),
> to connect to your network.  You should be prompted for the passphrase
> and then connected.
So, that's how it works. Thus I first install a passphrase in my router, 
and then I try to connect to my network and networkmanager prompts me 
for the passphrase.
Thanks for pointing this out. I also had the impression that I got 
connected more quickly if I let my router broadcast its SSID. Can this 
be correct?

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