chkrootkit strange report

Todd Zullinger tmz at
Wed Feb 13 07:48:40 UTC 2008

Ric Moore wrote:
>> It's a bug. Apply attached patch to
>> /usr/lib/chkrootkit-0.48/chkrootkit to fix it.
> I hate to appear stupid, but how do I apply that? I thought patching
> was done to tar files or src rpms? Please give my old head some
> education.

Patches are generally applied using the patch command.  It takes the
output of diff and applies it to the files named in the diff.  For the
patch that Michael sent, you should be able to apply it like so:

# cd /usr/lib/chkrootkit-0.48
# patch -p1 -b < /path/to/where/you/saved/the/patch-file

That should apply the patch and backup the chkrootkit file (as
chkrootkit~).  The -p1 tells patch to strip off the first directory
level of the path in the patch file.  So it would remove the
chkrootkit-0.48-orig/ and chkrootkit-0.48/ parts and use chkrootkit as
the filename to which it's applying the patch.

Or you could grab an (unsigned) rpm out of koji:


Or you could wait a day or so for it to show up via a regular yum
update. ;)

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