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Aaron Konstam akonstam at
Wed Feb 13 14:15:38 UTC 2008

> In all fairness Aaron, I was replying to Arun, who does appear to have some 
> sort of DNS problem.
> I was thinking of posting your problem to the alsa-user, and alsa-devel lists, 
> but as it appears to have worsened with the latest version of Fedora, it 
> appears to be more of some sort of permissions problem within Fedora, than an 
> Alsa problem, but you already appear to know that.
> Personally, if sound was working on F7, I'd reinstall that. That way at least 
> the sound is working. Also I would try a live cd (Knoppix for example), and 
> see if the sounds are ok. Also, if you have sufficient harddrive space, 
> install another distro, and see if the isa card is detected, and working ok.
> Someone else had suggested getting a cheap pci card, and using that, and 
> forgetting about the onboard isa one, which could be a good idea, if your 
> getting so many problems with the isa one.
> On one of my machines I have an ensoniq pci card (ens1371). I have an isa slot 
> on the mobo on this machine, and had an isa card lying about (sb16), and 
> plugged it in. I only set it up on FC3, and it worked ok, but did want to 
> grab the card0 position, which meant that the ensoniq card had to be set to 
> card1. I also have FC6 available on this machine, but havn't tried 
> configuring the isa soundcard on it. I may well try it, as you said you had 
> problems getting the isa soundcard modules loaded on FC6.
> All the best.
> Nigel.

I apologize.  I thought it was a typo on my name. Sound works in f7 and
I have f7 on a laptop that I am using. I just was trying to move forward
and thought that someone might have an idea what permissions could be
involved. But what bothers me that I am apprehensive of continuing on
with Fedora. Is f9 going to be better? It is all so frustrating after 15
or 20 years of success.
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